Monday, May 13, 2013

Know Your DSLR Camera Metering

Know Your DSLR Camera Metering

Any DSLR camera equipped with metering facilities, consisting of a Metering Mode, and Camera Exposure Metering Metering. What's metering, how does it work?

Metering is used to measure the light entering the camera lens. When viewing images of objects through the view finder, the light conditions on subjects will be measured by the metering system. Camera metering systems aim to produce exact picture of his exposure. Metering will analyze the level of light dark a picture object and then determine the amount of shutter speed, aperture and ISO so that the images just right, not too dark or not too bright.

Camera Metering How it Works:

1. When the camera sees the object image, metering systems will measure the light reflected by the object image (reflective). It is easy when all the images of objects reflect the same amount of light, such as a photograph wall. However, if the object mementulkan photo casement reflected a different light, metering will count more detail. For example, photographing a new sky white clouds and mountains plus a line of trees. The level of complexity faced increasingly complex metering.
2. If the object reflects light of different photos, metering system will try to make the darkness bright average. Technically illegal for the average light metering system of the camera is 18% gray-not too dark and not too bright.
3. The above solution can be used if under normal conditions. But if it had to photograph people's faces with a white background, the camera will make the face darker because it must anticipate a white background and bring it to the 18% gray aka underexposed. We recommend using the auto exposure only.

To produce a good photo we can use the camera's metering system without some tricks or leave it in the default position.

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