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Making use of Computer animation to promote Reasons

Most of us have heard about the actual term to create promotional initiatives much more online we need to utilize computer animation. The internet fits several content articles within the computer animation as well as advertising all of them supply the exact same concept which computer animation is excellent and they ought to commit right here. Each one of these sites are attempting to market computer animation. This article offers an accounts within the pros and cons of computer animation within advertising and marketing. This really is targeted in the direction of Company Advancement Administrators, Salesforce, SME internet marketers, as well as others.

Computer animation can be explained as the actual lab-created motion which is created by using screen associated with pictures as well as structures. The actual toons stay a highly effective sort of computer animation. With regard to multimedia system delivering presentations, computer animation is usually utilized. These days, it may be very easily created by using software packages. You will find several study centers such as the Industry Multimedia system which shows the technique of this particular software program. Computer animation differs through movies. Within movie, the actual movement is actually constant it will become damaged in to individual structures. Computer animation however, the schwinn recumbent however, on the other hand,, starts along with self-employed pictures as well as places all of them with each other to provide a good impression associated with constant movement. Prior to going forward using the task, this short article might assist in identifying whether or not computer animation is suitable for your task. It might assist in using educated choices concerning the kind of computer animation that needs to be used. This article might provide precise information before you start using the computer animation task.

Applying computer animation continues to be a highly effective press to share primary communications via brief period of time. Using, computer animation works well yet costly. Because of this , which utilizing computer animation ought to be dealt with. Other available choices must also become believed. Some other efficient elements such as utilizing reside video footage movie or even sites may be utilized. Still in case computer animation continues to be a stylish remedy, the next thing is to select the important thing information that might be pictured towards the viewers. The actual tough software ought to be ready that could work as the building blocks from the strategy. Based on the software, the kind of computer animation, video or perhaps a mixture, can be discovered. Classes several kinds of computer animation, every thing will be made the decision following the software continues to be accepted. Generally the actual selected studio room might manual as well as guidance. Even though, it really is nevertheless vital that you perform a comprehensive investigation within the procedure because information within the issue might allow going after the best choice. For example, such as the top end advertisements might utilize reside video footage movie in addition THREE DIMENSIONAL as well as 2ND. However, the schwinn recumbent However, on the other hand,, the organization movies might utilize reside video footage as well as 2ND components.

Listed here are a few advantages and drawbacks of the actual 2ND computer animation:

• It really is quicker to create and for that reason it really is less expensive compared to the majority of reside video footage movie as well as animation software.

• It really is much more attentive to innovative modifications

• The actual 2ND computer animation is restricted due to its character. Great musicians could make exactly the same show up because THREE DIMENSIONAL.

• It really is stylistic and in look.

• It is far better suitable for be applied to describe the actual company’s services and products.

• This is a great type of computer animation since it requires utilization of text messaging pictures.

Listed here are a few advantages and drawbacks of the actual animation software

• It really is grander within character. It really is much more innovative because of its natural energy and adaptability. The actual musicians convey more independence to build up the actual computer animation.

• It may be utilized to imagine the merchandise as well as solutions even though you however they may not be real.

• Much more photorealistic within character.

• The actual animation software is much better incorporated along with reside video footage.

• It really is expensive since it requires a fancy development.

• It requires additional time to create.

• It really is much less attentive to innovative modifications through the 2ND computer animation.

Industry Multimedia system shows each 2ND as well as animation software in order to the college students. The actual reside video footage is an excellent strategy to marketplace or even promote an item. This really is best lawn mowers of the next instances:

• The item or even support is actually real within character.

• The actual support must include real persons or even requires a gentle contact. This really is hard to catch within animated graphics.

• This is a inexpensive substitute for computer animation.

• This is a complex procedure particularly arranging toss as well as team, locations along with other problems.

For that reason we are able to securely deduce which 2ND computer animation as well as reside video footage is better with regard to lower expenses tasks. animation software includes a price. The most crucial identifying aspects within applying 2ND or even animation software would be the spending budget as well as timescale from the item.

Prior to trying to achieve the actual task, it is very important chalk your specifications. Like can we require voice-overs? The actual expert voice-overs are costly. The actual well-scripted tale might put in a competing side towards the last outcome. This particular allows for within including info within the same amount of time as well as without having more than burdening the actual audience. When the spending budget enables, it is very important consist of this particular. This particular choice might impact the software as this is actually the first step toward the whole procedure, it might effect all of those other task.

The next matter to find out, may be the price and also the schedule since it would venture together. The higher the price much more might you a chance to total the actual task. This particular price might also generally be determined by the caliber of pictures, computer animation complexness as well as period of computer animation. The final from the identifying element may be the outcome and just how would it not be applied and also the period from the computer animation that might be required. As soon as each one of these numerous determinants happen to be made the decision, you need to strategy a good computer animation studio room as well as set up the actual ask for the actual task.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

FDA Needs to Do a Better Job Regulating Food Labels, Says GAO

When it comes to false health claims made by food advertisers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the federal agency that is empowered to act (see, for example, "Kellogg Engages in Serial Advertising Misbehavior"). But the FDA has jurisdiction over the labelling, which is what is written on the box or container in which the food is delivered.

In a report, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) -- the investigative arm of Congress -- said "FDA Needs to Reassess Its Approach to Protecting Consumers from False or Misleading Claims." In fact, that is the name of the report, which you can find here.

Health claims made by food companies is a "a complex and challenging legal and regulatory" issue. There are several different kinds of health claims that FDA has defined, one of which is a "structure/function" claim. Here's how FDA defines a structure/function claim:
Structure/function claims describe the role of a nutrient or dietary ingredient intended to affect normal structure or function in humans, for example, "calcium builds strong bones." In addition, they may characterize the means by which a nutrient or dietary ingredient acts to maintain such structure or function, for example, "fiber maintains bowel regularity," or "antioxidants maintain cell integrity," or they may describe general well-being from consumption of a nutrient or dietary ingredient. Structure/function claims may also describe a benefit related to a nutrient deficiency disease (like vitamin C and scurvy), as long as the statement also tells how widespread such a disease is in the United States. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of these claims; they are not pre-approved by FDA but must be truthful and not misleading.
The problem, says GAO, "FDA - unlike the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which can require companies to submit any relevant evidence as part of an investigation of whether claims are substantiated - does not have the ability to compel companies to turn over their substantiation documents....FDA does not have express legal authority to compel the company to provide such information."

Not only is FDA's legal authority a problem, FDA has not provided guidance to industry on the evidence it needs to support such claims, says the GAO.

It's no wonder that the FTC has had more success quashing these claims than the FDA. One notable example of that is the action taken against Dannon for allegedly overstating the digestive, immunity and other health benefits related to Activia yogurt and DanActive dairy drinks. Dannon had to pay a fine of $21 million and Jamie Lee Curtis can no longer make "deceptive hypes for health and digestive benefits of Activia and DanActive,” Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said. “Dannon outrageously overplayed the health power of yogurt — making unscientific claims about promoting good digestion, preventing flu and enhancing health," said Blumenthal.

Those Activia commercials seemed pretty over-the-top to me and many comedians developed skits around the claims (see this Saturday Night Live excerpt on Hulu). But the typical consumer is confused, says the GAO. "Consumers find it difficult to distinguish among the many different types of claims on food labels, including health claims, qualified health claims, and structure/function claims." I'm pretty confused myself.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why Doctors Shouldn't Use Twitter for Patient Care

There's a lot of buzz about using Twitter and other forms of social media to improve health care (see, for example, "More Patients Meeting With Doctors Via Web Programs Such as Skype", and "Is The Future Of Healthcare Communications In Social Media?"). In particular, physicians are being encouraged to use social media -- Twitter in particular -- to help them deliver better health care.

But it seems that physicians are reluctant to do it for a variety of reasons (see, for example, "Are Doctors Avoiding Twitter Because of 'Doctor Bashing'?"). If doctors DID become big fans of Twitter, we might see the scenario depicted in the following New Yorker cartoon*, which appeared in the recent issue:

*Note: I changed the caption, which originally read “We’d like to start out being very involved with you but eventually be drawn away to much more interesting cases down the hall.”

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Drug Fact Box: It All Depends on What You Mean by "Fact"

Good morning, Pharma Marketing Blog fans! It's Friday and that means it's time for the Bob (Ehrlich) vs John (Mack) Friday Morning Smackdown! Every Friday, Ehrlich, who publishes the DTC Perspectives Magazine and Blog, sends me his opinion on a DTC (direct-to-consumer) advertising topic and I try to "smack down" his ideas. That's a bit of an exaggeration. What we have here is an attempt at communication in a point-counterpoint fashion. Hopefully, we all learn more and are entertained as well.

Today, Bob wrote about a Dartmouth Study that concludes a "Fact Box" on risk/benefit is good for consumers. Presumably, Fact Boxes would be included in all print DTC ads, on product web sites, and with the drug when it is picked up at the pharmacy.

The study included a mock up of a Fact Box for Lunesta (shown below; click on it for an enlarged view), a popular sleep aid drug that has been heavily advertised to consumers.

Bob cited a New York Times story about the study that coincidentally quoted him (see "A Push to Spell Out a Drug’s Risks and Benefits"). You can read about the study here.

The Fact Box proposed by the Dartmouth researchers includes only data from the FDA-approved package insert (PI), which is based solely on the clinical trial data submitted to the FDA as part of the approval process.

Bob says he supports "anything that gives consumers... numerical information." But he suggests other "facts" should be added. "Drug companies and FDA should also include all relevant information in a fact box," said Ehrlich, "including post marketing data, even if that is less perfect than controlled clinical studies."

I assume "less perfect" means nonfactual because facts are facts -- they are by definition perfect! Regardless of perfection, whenever you hear the word "marketing" as in "post-marketing data," you should be wary about the "facts" that are gleaned from the data. Bob admits it would take a "lot of work from the objective medical community" to include such post-marketing data in Fact Boxes.

While physicians can obtain such additional data through medical journals, consumers rarely have access to vetted post-marketing data about drugs. So, it makes sense that consumers should also have access to such data as long as it is accurate -- as perfect as possible.

Yet the "objectivity" of the medical community has come into question recently. Therefore I'm not sure what Bob proposes would work and it may just open up another door inviting DTC critics to enter and piss in the DTC tent.

BTW, there are some "facts" in the Lunesta Fact Box that I don't quite understand. The authors commented on these facts in a video (here). From their comments, I conclude that the authors are a tad biased against DTC advertising to begin with. For example, the Fact Box cited "facts" on drowsiness and indicated that "More had drowsiness (additional 6% due to drug)." I assume "More" means "More patients on the drug."

But why is drowsiness a side effect? Isn't drowsiness a benefit of a sleep aid drug? It turns out that this really refers to drowsiness after awakening the next day, "which is ironic" said one of the authors of the study, "because the whole the purpose of the drug is to treat your insomnia, let you sleep well, and feel rested the next day." Coincidentally, the new Lunesta ads emphasize how rested you feel when waking up the next day (see "New Lunesta Print Ad: 70% LESS Moth!").

The point is that this "fact" as presented in the Fact Box is not clear, IMHO. This is a case where more "data" is not always a good thing, especially when it's not clear how to interpret the data.

Another "fact" that appears in the Lunesta Fact Box is in the section "How long has the drug been in use?" Only one fact is presented there: "Lunesta was approved by the FDA in 2005." The rest is opinion on how you should interpret this fact: "As with all new drugs we simply don't know how its safety record will hold up over time. In general, if there are unforeseen, serious drug side effects, they emerge after the drug is on the market (when a large enough number of people have used the drug)."

According to the NY Times, "Dr. Woloshin and Dr. Lisa Schwartz, also of the Dartmouth institute, plan to present their case to the F.D.A. during a meeting of the agency’s advisory committee on 'risk communication.' That panel is examining how best to provide consumers with data about prescription drugs using printed matter like package inserts." Find more information on this meeting here. NOTE: If you plan to attend, you'll have to leave your shoes outside (see back story here and here).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AZ: Let's Put a Positive Spin on this "Cursed" Study

As reported in today's Wall Street Journal: "A document dated Feb. 12, 1997, describes internal company deliberations over how to report 'Study 15,' a study comparing Seroquel to Haldol, an older-generation psychiatric drug. In the document, an AstraZeneca employee named Richard Lawrence writes to his team that one of his colleagues had done a great 'smoke and mirrors job,' and another had suggested an approach that 'should minimise (and dare I venture to suggest) could put a positive spin (in terms of safety) on this cursed study.'" (See "AstraZeneca Papers Raise Seroquel Issues".)

This "raises further questions about whether AstraZeneca kept a lid on unflattering Seroquel studies," said the article. Duh!

This kind of thing is JUST what I was talking about in my previous post (see "Drug Fact Box: It All Depends on What You Mean by 'Fact'") about drug safety "facts" presented in consumer-friendly drug "Fact Boxes" proposed by Dartmouth researchers, who at this very moment are testifying before the FDA. Bob Ehrlich suggested that post-marketing data obtained by drug companies should be included in such boxes even if "less than perfect." Yes, after adding "positive spin" to the facts I suppose!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Message Of Islam

Since the total submission of one's will to Allah represents the essence of worship, the basic message of Allah's divine religion, Islam is the worship of Allah alone and the avoidance of worship directed to any person, place or thing other than Allah. Since everything other than Allah, the Creator of all things, is Allah's creation; it may be said that Islam, in essence calls man away from the worship of creation and invites him to worship only its Creator. He is the only one deserving man's worship as it is only by His will that prayers are answered. If man prays to a tree and his prayers are answered, it was not the tree, which answered his prayers, but Allah who allowed the circumstances prayed for to take place. One might say, "That is obvious, " however , to tree-worshippers it might not be. Similarly, prayers to Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna, to Saint Christopher, or Saint Jude or even to Muhammad, are not answered by them but are answered by Allah. Jesus did not tell his followers to worship him but to worship Allah. As the Qur'aan states:

"And behold Allah will say: "O Jesus the son of Mary Did you say to men, Worship me and my|healthcare professional|personal|my own, personal|search terms|my own , personal|medical professional|published|health care provider|my business|all of my|of my|excellent|my own personal|keyword phrases|a|offered|economical|day-to-day|web page} mother as gods besides Allah He will say-"Glory to you I could never say what I had no right (to say')"

(Qur'an Al-Maa'idah- 5: 116)

Nor did he worship himself when he worshipped but rather he worshipped Allah. This basic principle is enshrined in the opening chapter of the Qur'an, known as Qur'an Al-Fatihah, verse 4:

"You alone do we worship and from you alone do we seek help".

Elsewhere, in the final book of revelation, the Qur'an, Allah also said:

"And your Lord says: "Call on Me and I will answer your(prayer). "

(Qur'an Mu'min 40: 60)

It is worth noting that the basic message of Islam is that Allah and His creation are distinctly different entities. Neither is Allah His creation or a part of it, nor is His creation Him or a part of Him.

This might seem obvious, but , man's worship of creation instead of the Creator is to a large degree based on ignorance of this concept. It is the belief that the essence of Allah is everywhere in His creation or that His divine being is or was present in some aspects of His creation, which has provided justification for the worship of creation though such worship maybe called the worship of Allah through his creation. How ever, the message of Islam as brought by the prophets of Allah is to worship only Allah and to avoid the worship of his creation either directly or indirectly. In the Our'aan Allah clearly states:

"For We assuredly sent amongst every people a prophet, (with the command) worship me and avoid false gods ".

(Qur'an Al-Nahl 16: 36)

When the idol worshipper is questioned as to why he or she bows down to idols created by men, the invariable reply is that they are not actually worshipping the stone image, but Allah who is present within it. They claim that the stone idol is only a focal point for Allah's essence and is not in itself Allah! One who has accepted the concept of the presence of God's being within His creation in any way will be obliged to accept this argument of idolatry. Whereas, one who understands the basic message of Islam and its implications would never concede to idolatry no matter how it is rationalized. Those who have claimed divinity for themselves down through the ages have often based their claims on the mistaken belief that Allah is present in man. They merely had to assert that although Allah according to their false beliefs, is in all of us, He is more present in them than in the rest of us. Hence, they claim, we should submit our will to them and worship them as they are either God in person or God concentrated within the person.

Similarly, those who have asserted the godhood of others after their passing have found fertile ground among those who accept the false belief of God's presence in man. One who has grasped the basic message of Islam and its implications could never agree to worship another human being under any circumstances. God's religion in essence is a clear call to the worship of the Creator and the rejection of creation-worship in any form. This is the meaning of the motto of Islam:

"Laa Elaaha lllallaah" (There is no god but Allah)

Its repetition automatically brings one within the fold of Islam and sincere belief in it guarantees one Paradise.

Thus, the final Prophet of Islam is reported to have said:

"Any one who says: There is no god but Allah and dies holding that (belief) will enter paradise".

(Reported by Abu Dharr and collected by Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

It consists in the submission to Allah as one God, yielding to Him by obeying His commandments, and the denial of polytheism and polytheists.

The Message Of False Religion

There are so many sects, cults, religions, philosophies, and movements in the world, all of which claim to be the right way or the only true path to Allah. How can one determine which one is correct or if, in fact , all are correct? The methods by which the answer can be found is to clear away the superficial differences in the teachings of the various claimants to the ultimate truth, and identify the central object of worship to which they call, directly or indirectly. False religions all have in common one basic concept with regards to Allah. They either claim that all men are gods or that specific men were Allah or that nature is Allah or that Allah is a figment of man's imagination.

Thus, it may be stated that the basic message of false religion is that Allah may be worshipped in the form of His creation. False religion invites man to the worship of creation by calling the creation or some aspect of it God. For example , prophet Jesus invited his followers to worship Allah but those who claim to be his followers today call people to worship Jesus, claiming that he was Allah!

Buddha was a reformer who introduced a number of humanistic principles to the religion of India. He did not claim to be God nor did he suggest to his followers that he be an object of worship. Yet, today most Buddhists who are to be found outside of India have taken him to be God and prostrate to idols made in their perception of his likeness.

By using the principle of identifying the object of worship, false religion becomes very obvious and the contrived nature of their origin clear. As God said in the Qur'an:

That which you worship besides Him are only names you and your forefathers have invented for which Allah has sent down no authority: The command belongs only to Allah:

He has commanded that you only worship Him; that is the right religion, but most men do not understand ".

(Qur'an Yoosuf 12: 40)

It may be argued that all religions teach good things so why should it matter which one we follow. The reply is that all false religions teach the greatest evil, the worship of creation. Creation-worship is the greatest sin that man can commit because it contradicts the very purpose of his creation. Man was created to worship Allah alone as Allah has explicitly stated in the Our'aan:

"I have only created Jinns and men, that they may worship me"

(Qur'an Zaareeyaat 51: 56)

Consequently, the worship of creation, which is the essence of idolatry, is the only unforgivable sin. One who dies in this state of idolatry has sealed his fate in the next life. This is not an opinion, but a revealed fact stated by Allah in his final revelation to man:

"Verily Allah will not forgive the joining of partners with Him, but He may forgive (sins) less than that for whom so ever He wishes".

(Qur'an An- Nisaa 4: 48 and 116)

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Car or truck Wall papers

In the market for owning a new activities as well as incredible car or truck? Idea concerning this nighttime and daytime, taking a chance what it could well be including in the rear of often the rim of their able to be converted as well as incredible car or truck. Experience often the pelt steering wheel between arms, often the website revving, heart and soul bike racing apprehensively to appreciate the torque with the website when you finally slap this natural gas cuelgue, is often a land dash off to. The incredible car or truck is definitely without any doubt an exhilarating car or truck.

The majority of the peoples' favorite adventures are to reason outstanding incredible car or truck background that one can find in addition to decorate your particular computer along with it. In the event just one finds the ideal car or truck background for doing this, it will probably accurately get up from the tv screen. In this manner not any matter what exactly some may be accomplishing with your particular laptop or computer and always hark back side of college thinks good-looking a thing of beauty it can be. One could relish the item at any time connected with any day.

There are various destinations on the net for you to search for level of quality in addition to no cost car or truck wall papers. Carrying out the hassle-free explore Yahoo or google can certainly often make many well-brought-up benefits. In the event you write down thier identify on your aspiration car or truck from search standard along with the concept background you will be able to find the conspiracy connected with solution in addition to ─▒mages that you'll be in search of.

No cost background is definitely track record put together that is definitely flaunted inside laptop or computer computer. Often the wall papers often are being used with BMP, JPEG in addition to GIF data codecs. This background can be employed in conjunction with 'microsoft' Microsoft windows, Linux in addition to Macintosh Apple pc Computer. Each one display is usually exclusive preferences, even now even if background photographs intended to get frequent watches is usually nicely balanced right up as well as up to often the healthy measurement. People can be found on give over the internet without cost connected with impose. Many sets of wall papers can be found on give over the internet consuming profile connected with skyscraper urban center, car or truck wall papers, dynamics, star, fine art, canine wall papers and others. Often the wall papers include telling pounds for the way of thinking of an laptop or computer seeing that the person glimpses the item most of00 moments in using the computer. As being a, personal choice of background is definitely critical.

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